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Canvas prints:

custom-made to exactly the size you need

Once you've decided to buy a canvas print for yourself or as a gift, you want to make sure it's the best available. If it's going to be on display in your home you want a print you can be proud of. So what makes our canvas prints so much better than many on the market?

This is why...
  • All our frames are custom-made to order in our factory. This means your print will be exactly the right size for your home or office. Our frames are locally made right here in Taranaki and are a sturdy 1 1/2" inches deep which means they won't buckle or bow.
  • Printed using U.V. light-fast inks. If a canvas is printed using water based inks, over time it will fade. Also, if it gets dirty with fly spots it will be difficult to clean. Because we use commercial grade, outdoor inks your canvas won't fade if it's exposed to sunlight. And if you need to clean it the ink won't rub off either. Some customers report their canvases still look like new after 10 years.
  • We make sure your image will print correctly. If your image is old or of low quality we will advise you before we print your canvas. We will produce a test print to show you so that you can decide whether to print it or not. We can also make improvements to your image if you would like us to. We want you to be delighted with your print and proud to hang it in your home so we'll do everything we can to make sure that happens.

Don't have an image to print? No problem!
If you don't have an image that you'd like printed on to canvas you can either:
  • visit the online photo library. There are millions of images to choose from and we can buy them on your behalf. Simply let us know the catalogue number of the image and we'll take care of the rest. Please ask for pricing details.
  • or choose one of our many stunning images, which you can see in the box below. These images also make fantastic gifts for friends and family as a souvenir of their visit to Taranaki. If you would like to use one of the images below please contact us for a price.
  • Mount Taranaki
  • Mount Taranaki from Eltham
  • Mount Taranaki from Eltham
  • Mount Taranaki from the air
  • Mount Taranaki reflection 2
  • Mount Taranaki
  • Sunset New Plymouth
  • Taranaki coastline
  • Mount Taranaki reflection
  • Te Rewa Rewa bridge New Plymouth
  • The Coastal Walkway New Plymouth
  • The Mountain House Tratford Taranaki
  • Pukekura Park New Plymouth
  • Mount Taranaki from afar
  • Cape Egmont Taranaki
  • Te Rewa Rewa bridge New Plymouth 2
As our prints are custom-made each one needs to be quoted individually however, to give you a rough idea of the cost, below are some indicative prices for canvases in various sizes:
Size $
10” x 12” (254mm x 305mm) 78.26
12” x 16” (305mm x 405mm) 86.96
12” x 24” (305mm x 610mm) 108.70
14” x 18” (355mm x 455mm) 100.00
16” x 20” (405mm x 500mm) 115.22
18” x 24” (455mm x 610mm) 136.96
12” x 48” (305mm x 1200mm) 160.87
20” x 30” (500mm x 760mm) 167.39
24” x 36” (610mm x 915mm) 213.04
20” x 40” (500mm x 1020mm) 200.00
36” x 48” (915mm x 1200mm) 352.17
  • Canvas prints come with a standard 1 1/2 inch deep frame.
  • Unmounted prints are available, please contact us for a price.
  • Prices are exclusive of GST, freight, and design.

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